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Jordynn Gingrich Owner/Trainer

Jordynn has always loved and been  drawn towards dog behavior and problem solving. Whether being a pack based dog walker or raising service dog puppies, she always has found ways to learn more. Jordynn started her career at the age of 17, volunteering at her local dog rescue. While there, she found an interest in the dogs labeled "unadoptable and anti-social". She started to help rehabilitate these dogs and helped figure out why they were reacting the way they were. After volunteering here for about a year, she found an opening at a Service Dog training company; Canine Companions for Independence.  While working there, Jordynn really found her passion for training dogs. From service dogs came working dogs. Jordynn then rescued her first German Shepherd. As he matured, she realized he needed a job. This is where she found bite work. She found a club to take him to and would go out every weekend to learn more and more. After a short while, she started working for the company. While here, she trained obedience in working canines and pet dogs. Throughout her career, she has worked with many breeds of dogs, ranging in all ages and sizes.  After working for quite a few different companies, Jordynn finally decided it was time to start her own company, Innovative K9!

 Here at Innovative K9, we understand that dogs, much like humans learn in many different ways. Thus, we have many different approaches to training methods and equipment. What works for one dog, won’t work for another. This is where understanding each dogs behavior and demeanor is crucial. Training dogs is not just rewards and corrections, but also problem solving and trouble shooting. When you sign up for a program with us, you are signing up for a personalized program tailored specifically to your canine. 

Board and Train

When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the amount of training needed to get your dog to the level you desire. While private one on one lessons are great, they just aren't practical for many people's lifestyle. This is why many people opt for a board and train! A Board and Train is an accelerated program, where your dog lives with the trainer in their home, and is trained multiple times throughout the day. Your dog can stay with us anywhere between two to four weeks {the time is dependent on many factors). Your dog is trained to be an active member of the family, meaning your dog stays inside the trainers home, not outside in a kennel run. While with us your dog gets tons of training, but also lots of love and play time as well! We also provide a longer term board and train program for those who would like their canine fully service dog trained. A Board & Train is also great for those who plan to go on a vacation and rather than just paying for boarding, you can pay for your dog to become fully on and off leash trained! 

Private One on One Lessons

One one one lessons are a great way for you to build up a bond with your dog. These sessions are one to two times a week with a trainer. In each session, we will demonstrate to you how to teach your dog. The purpose is to coach you how to train your dog specifically to their needs and to yours as well. Private lessons work beautifully, as long as you put in the adequate amount of time recommended by your trainer. Your dog will learn all the same behaviors they would with us in a board & train program, it is just you as the teacher! While a part of this one on one program, we start in your home with lessons and move up in distractions. We go to public parks, dog friendly stores and downtown to ensure your dog behaves anywhere! While doing this, we ensure you are comfortable handling your dog in more hectic situations! Once you have finished your training sessions and you are satisfied with your dogs obedience, you are welcome to join us in our group classes and client outings for the rest of your dogs life! 

Specialty Services

Service Dogs

We can provide your dog with the high level obedience required for a service dog or sell you an already trained one!

Behavioral Modification

Rather than just covering up a problem, we fix it! This is for dogs with anxiety, aggression, reactivity, and much more!

Canine Sales

Pet dogs, working dogs, puppies and much more. Please call for more information!

Client Reviews


"Simply put, Innovative K9 is fantastic.  We have been clients for some time now with our feisty retriever Elliot. We have had several trainers but absolutely love the professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm she brings not only to our 2 year old dog’s behavior, but to OUR knowledge and ability to effectively and CONSISTENTLY engage him.  Simple tools, fun instruction, great results." 



I  can't thank Jordynn enough for her help with my aussie. I was having trouble getting him to willingly and happily perform tasks in public but with Jordynns help we are getting better each day and the progress is that we make is amazing. She's very patient and truly wants you and your dog to succeed. 

- Rachel


 Jordynn is polite, flexible with her schedule and knowledgeable of training methods. She has helped us learn the tools needed to reenforce training with our German Shepherd. So glad we found her! We’d highly recommend her. 

- Joaquin


Jordynn is amazing! I rescued my dog Havoc with the intent of only fostering him, but then his behavioral issues started to show. He was extremely fearful and hated other people, other than me. Even if I did something to make him mad he would act aggressive towards me. Between the bad behavior and the severe separation anxiety I knew he was not a canidate to place out in society but I did not want to euthanize him either. I contact Jordynn and the rest was history. He is now out in public at social events, stores, fairs, you name it and he is amazing. With the help of Jordynn we even started him on dock diving events and rally. We have started working him off leash in public too and he is doing amazing. I highly recommend Jordynn and all of her expertise. 

- Robin

Akela & Takota

  Signing up with Innovative K9 was one of the best decisions we have ever made! I highly recommend that anyone looking for dog training for their dog(s) to sign up with Innovative K9, you won’t be disappointed! What I love about Innovative K9 is they personalized a program tailored specifically to both of my dogs! We currently have our one and a half year old male German shepherd and our one year old female Siberian husky signed up with Innovative K9. We are working on obedience training for our Siberian husky and obedience and service dog training for our German shepherd, whom we want to be our special needs sons’ service dog. Jordynn is absolutely phenomenal! She truly is a one in a million! I recommend her to EVERYONE I know! She’s extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise, especially when it comes to dogs’ behaviors and demeanors. She is very passionate about what she does and works extremely hard to make sure you and your dog are set up to succeed! If something isn’t working she makes sure she finds a solution. Since working with Jordynn, my fur babies are like night and day with what we’ve accomplished so far and I am very pleased with the results. The very first session we had working our Siberian husky, I was completely blown away! I had never seen her so calm in the entire time of having her and that was only the very first session! I get compliments about how well behaved they are all the time! I know we’re not finished but I had to share our experience so far because we honestly couldn’t be happier with the results! So like I said if you’re looking for dog training, STOP! Contact Innovative K9 ASAP and get your dog(s) an evaluation and prepare to be amazed!!

- Breanna


Jordynn is an awesome trainer. Very patient and willing to work with youto find the best way to train your particular dog, based on their personality and learning style. My dog Fizz was very particular about people and he LOVES Jordynn. I would highly recommend her.


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